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Seduction, How I Love Thy Name…

Seduction, How I Love Thy Name

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Have you heard of Neil Strauss and the book he wrote “The Game”?

Oh dear, where have you been?

He and his book has got a big part of the world talking.

Love Program

Men probably will offer their balls in sacrificial thanks to him for the PUA tips they got from him.

And women I suspect, will throw the first flaming arrow straight into his heart.

Buy hey, I don’t know him personally, what do I know.

I’m sitting on the fence in this cause.

Love Program

I can see how his teachings can be both beneficial and potentially destructive at the same time.

Being a coach myself, I have this to say:

We teach what we teach. Our intention is to empower the student.

Whatever is the intention of the student is really none of my business.

Love Program

With knowledge comes power.

With power comes responsibility.

Love Program

If the student has an evil intention, there is nothing I can do about it.

Would the court throw your secondary school Maths teacher in jail because she taught you Maths and you took the knowledge to screw around with the company accounts?

Love Program

Flirting is a sexy game.

Seduction keeps people alive.

Love Program

If the truth were to be told,

  • Wouldn’t you like to possess wonderful seduction skills?
  • Wouldn’t you like the sense of power and control that comes along with it?
  • Wouldn’t you like to be in the intoxicating spell of your lover?
  • Don’t you like the adrenaline rush of being swept of your feet?

Love Program

So for seduction sake, let’s drop the holy act and pretend to be turned off by flirting, seduction and those bloody good at it.

It’s everywhere and everyone does it every day in one form or another.

It’s a question of acceptance or denial.

Love Program

Accept and be smart about it.

Learn everything you can.

Read up, seek the experts, ask questions, attend courses and participate in programs.

Or pretend that it doesn’t exist and live the rest of your life wondering about what ifs.

Love Program

Seduction, How I Love Thy Name…

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